=Week 9: Thursday Oct 18 and Friday October 19

Week 9 Reflection

EXTRA CREDIT Bulletin Board Opportunity (In case you missed the email I sent on Tuesday and Friday-today)
I am email this so that there is equal opportunity to sign up. Please read through the information before signing up. There is the potential for 4 people each week until the end of the semester.

I am interested in earning EXTRA CREDIT for the creating a bulletin board section.
I understand I can do a section by myself or work as a team with the others from that week.
I understand that this is worth 50 points.
I understand I can only sign up one time.
I understand that my section of the bulletin board must be up by Monday by 8:00am. And removed by Friday at 5:00pm.
Bulletin Boards will remain up for 1 week.
I understand it must relate to Technology in Education, resources, ideas, and it must be EYE CATCHING and CREATIVE.
Make sure your name is on your section (create by....)
I understand that I must post a picture of my bulletin board on my website and email a picture to cyndi at ded318@gmail.com (this is how I earn the 50 points.

Just found a cool new tool. It is called SMORE.

Screen Shot 2012-10-16 at 12.28.27 PM.png


Let's give it a go...... Let's put together a "flyer about a Digital Citizenship, Cyberbullying, Internet Safety or anything that fits under the umbrella of this topic.. You did a reflection about this topic earlier in the semester.

Your Flyer/Newsletter must have not less than 10 websites/items/things including a video that a teacher could use to teach about these topics. Think about elating it to your content area.

Screen Shot 2012-10-16 at 1.27.27 PM.pngIt must include pictures, links and at least 1 video that could be used in the classroom with kids. In other words, you are putting together a resource packet for teaching about Digital Citizenship. Choose a grade range and make sure everything included is appropriate for that grade range ........ k-3 or 3-5, or 5-9, or 9-12.
Now that your projected is created add it to your website using the embed code. Title it: Teaching Digital Citizenship
Remember to use embed code on your WordPress site, you need to use the HTML tab in a post. Don't forget Categories and Tags before publishing.

OK now let's do the Peer Critique.
Complete it, give back to the person you critique. Look over your critique sheet, jot down what you need to and turn your critique sheet to Cyndi before you leave the room. This is the only way you will receive your points.

Link to the Attendance Spreadsheet.


Edomodo will be called up on the computer on the fron table, please check it to see if you person as completed the assignment.

Link to the Technology and Me Spreadsheet: