Week 8....October 11-12, 2012
Thursday is Ed Symposium, No class meeting for Thursday 3:30 class. You are welcome and encouraged to attend a section of class on Friday. 7:30-9:20 OR 10:30-12:20 or 1:30-2:20
We will be doing iPads in class on Friday, so if you have a iPad, please bring it with you to class FRIDAY.


Infographic: The Impact of Great Teachers

Great teachers make a significant difference is the lives of students and the impact lasts long after they leave the classroom. The following infographic provides interesting facts from the research on how effective teachers impact the lives of students and quotes from successful individuals who credit their teachers for helping them achieve their dreams.

Image courtesy of Teacher Certification Degrees


Reflection Week 8...........READ and write you reflection on what you discovered and learned about Blogging in the classroom. To your reflection, add links and descriptions to 3 classroom blogs you found on your own. Also discuss how you will use blogging in your own classroom.
Title: Blogging in the K-12 Classroom

Implementing Blogging in the Classroom


If you attended the Symposium....

Second Reflection: Please write about Ed Symposium, the sessions you attended and what you learned.

Title: Ed Symposium Reflection, Oct. 11

If you did not attend the Symposium....

Second Reflection: Box of Tricks, by José Picardo, A career-long interest in the use of technology in education led me to start writing Box of Tricks, an award-winning blog in which I share resources and reflect on my own practice as a teacher.


Title: Box of Tricks

In class we will be doing this using iPads using Pic Collage and Zapd!!
Screen Shot 2012-10-10 at 11.56.29 AM.pngPic Collage App FREE


Screen Shot 2012-10-10 at 12.00.09 PM.pngZapd FREE

First go to the Creating a Visual Dictionary on the iPad (http://langwitches.org/blog/2012/08/08/visual-dictionary-on-the-ipad/) and read the entire story and look at the examples, instructions and the COMMENTS. Don't skip the comments, there are some good ideas!!.

Let me repeat that, read the entire story and look at the examples, instructions and the COMMENTS.

And as Silvia says

"Upgrade a traditionally taught vocabulary project, for example creating

a dictionary of the weekly vocabulary words."

That is what we are going to do using Pic Collage on the iPad. The example she shows is for very young children, but I am sure you will get the idea.

Choose not less than 5 vocabulary words or concepts facts or ideas in your content area or use a vocabulary word list. It could even be facts or trivia. Think about INFOGRAPHICS!! Make a Visual Vocabulary using the Pic Collage app like the example. Of course, older kids requires a bit more information with that picture and a word!!! So this has to be appropriate for 5th grade and up.

Save your Pic Collage to the photo library on your iPad so you can access it from the Zapd app we will use next project. Also save your Pic Collage to your Facebook account if you are on an iPad from the mobile cart, this will give you the flexibility to get the image from Facebook and add to your refection. If you have your own iPad, email the Pic Collage to yourself. Add your Pic Collage to the reflection about this assignment on your website.

Now, lets make another project using the same concept, but with another App, ZAPD (an iPhone app). This time you will be adding a bit more detail and information, images and links.

Reflection on your Website: Of course, you will add add a link to your finished Zapd on your website. Make sure when you add that link to your website Title it: Zapd and Pic Collage iPad Apps, include general information about the two apps (Zapd & Pic Collage), a screen shot of the app icon, a link to to where to get the app and a reflection on how you see yourself using these two apps in your own classroom.

By the way: you can do Zapd online. Zapd http://zapd.com. Even though this is a FREE iPad/iPhnoe app it can be use from the ZAPD website.
WARNING: Zapd had a major update in early November and you can no longer create on the computer. So, if you are just now doing week 8 assignment ;(, you will have to use a different tool, I suggest Smore unless you have an iPad and can use the FREE app ZAPD.

So what are you making, use the same concept as you used in your Pic Collage above, but embellish it, in other words, more details that would not fit on the Pic Collage, more text, more information, links to information, details and copyright, and more images.

Your Zapd website must have not less than
  • 5 new images NOT on your Pic Collage,
  • 5 links to resources, an explanation and
  • and a link to a video to support your concept/topic would be nice, but not required.

If you were absent Friday.............

which seems to be becoming a huge problem for some folks..... I am afraid you are not going to be very pleased with how attendance impacts you grade. Attendance will be documented in the Peer Critiques next week.

There are NO iPads available for use in the Catalyst.........so Pic Collage is not a possibility for the first part of this assignment unless you have a friend with an iPad. You will have to use one of the following to accomplish the vocabulary assignment that used Pic Collage above. Possible tools you could use...

But the second part of the assignment, you can do Zapd online. Zapd **http://zapd.com**.

Even though this is a FREE iPad/iPhnoe app it can be use from the ZAPD website.

Website Checklist Peer Critique #2