Week 4 Sept, 12, 13 & 14

Here is the link to the Google spreadsheet will all the URL's to the website. Please make sure you are on the list and it is correct. Week 5 will will have a PEER Critique of websites. You must be in class to receive the points for doing the critique. This cannot be made up.

Week 3 Reflection

Week 4 is work time with your Group in class on the Infographics project. The infographices project must be added to you website by Week 5 in time for the Peer Critique.

One more piece of information about Infographics from Richard Byrne, Free Technology for teachers.

Infographics Explained With Legos

Infographics are all over the web these days. Some are useful, some are not, and some are just plain fun. Yesterday, on Cool Infographics I discovered an infographic that explains what infographics should do. The fun and somewhat informative explanation of infographics is made using Legos. Check it out below.

Applications for Education

If you're having students create infographics (here are three tools for doing so) and you want to remind them what the purpose of the exercise is, this infographic might help.

The infographic was produced by the graphic design form Hot Butter Studio

Please go to Edmodo, sign up as a Teacher. Join our DED 318 Fall 2012 group (it is on the left). The code to join the group is s178jz.
Welcome to EDMODO, Schools everywhere are using EDMODOhttp://www.edmodo.com, it is a little like Facebook for education with a few additional features. We are going to give it a little look. Last spring with Block one lessons in the schools, I saw it being used in the Junction City extensively. I have a friend Mrs. Smoke that has here entire school near Wichita using it.

Anyway, the first take a little time to explore and look around.
Then click on the assignment Turn in button and introduce yourself. Make sure you include the link to your website in your introduction. Also add your photo to your profile.

Website Checklist