Week 3 Sept 5, 6, 7

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Week 3 Reflections

What is your Digital Footprint?

Part 2: of the Digital FootPrint/Citizenship Assignment. Add a video you found on YouTube that supports your reflection. As always, how to is demonstrated in class, but if you how to add a YouTube video to your site, check the Tutorials and help page.

Find a Youtube video to go with your reflection to add it copy and paste the shared URL than add the brackets and delete the . and the /. it will look something like this..

http://youtu.be/zsjZYUUYj8M ....... now change it to this [youtube zsjZYUUYj8M], then publish and the video will ply, no need to hyperlink.

This is a video you should watch......... Digital Legacy & Employment, by Kevin Honeycutt. (a Kansas Teacher)

Making & Using Infographics in the Classroom

Everywhere I turn I find something about Infographics, just found this article today will a ton of great information to help you with your Projects,

What Are Infographics and Why Are They Important?

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And here is another tool I just discovered for making infographics, and here is a review and instruction of how to use:
This week we review the tool easel.ly
Read this article first.
Learning and Leading - February 2012


I just posted an Infographic on my blog Technology Bits, Bytes & Nibbles (Anatomy of a Great Teacher), it was made with a FREE online tool http://visual.ly/. Looks like a pretty easy tool to use, give it a look.

The hubspot how to make an inforgraphic using PowerPoint (or Keynote)
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3 free infographic templates
Free Template: How to Easily Create Infographics in PowerPoint
Download the Template Here
Here are the actually Powerpoint template slides with the instructions. Now you don't have to fill out the form:

How to Easily Create 3 Infographics in PowerPoint or Keynote

NOTE: Week 5: we will take 15 minutes of class and do peer critiques of website. YOU MUST BE IN CLASS WEEK 5 to earn point for this IN-CLASS only assignment.

Website Checklist