Week 1 (August 22-Wednesday.....23-Thursday.....24-Friday)

Please use this email (ded318@gmail.com) for all course questions
This class is front loaded, more and harder in the beginning, and it gets easier as the days pass.
We will try to complete as much as possible during class time, but no guarantees!


Please make sure you read the syllabi below very carefully. It can be read online or you may download and print if you wish. It will explain what is expected and gives you important links and resources you will need during this class. It is your responsibility to read.

It is extremely important that you read everything and review the tutorial links and documents BEFORE you attempt to complete each assignment. It is also important that you be in class EVERY Week. We only meet once a week, so your attendance is expected.

You may only have paid for a one hour class, but this is not a 1-hour class. If you are to be prepared to use technology in your other courses, as well as, teach using technology very soon, a 1-hour course is not enough. So, think of this as a bargain. You only had to pay tuition for one hour, but in reality, you received three hours of information, resources, ideas, and knowledge. What a DEAL!!

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Purchasing Your WebSpace for DED 318!

Blog Reflection Rubric
Reflection Rubric

1...Your Internet Browser


When you are home using a Windows PC for some assignments, DO NOT use Internet Explorer. Many of the Web 2.0 tools we will be using do not work well with Internet Explorer and also Chrome and sometimes even SafariPlease use Firefox!
  • Download and install Free Firefox for you Mac or your PC computer.

  • Mozilla Firefox www.mozilla.com

I suggest you download and install Firefox an use it as your primary browser for this class. I will be using Firefox in class!!

Week 1 Reflections

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