Week 14 Nov 29 & 30.

OK now let's do the Peer Critique.
  • Complete it, give back to the person you critiqued to look over.
  • DO NOT leave the room with your critique.
  • Look over your critique sheet, jot down what you need to and turn your critique sheet to Cyndi before you leave the room.
  • Everything should be completed with the exception of the final activity Week 15.
  • I will check the Attendance.
  • You must be in class and complete a critique for a classmate during class to receive the 30 points.
  • You should know what your grade should be at this point. For most of you, it will be an A!

Link to the Technology and Me Spreadsheet:


For Discussion

Before you begin your research and writing process, take a look athe the original video and the new version of I need my teachers to learn.


Now watch this video for Michael Wesh's class here at KSU. By the way it made the National News!

The Assignment: This is Part 1 on your final.

  1. Must be on your website by the time you arrive in class Week 15.
  2. This may be a written project reflection or a multimedia project or a movie or a presentation. It is your choice! You may us any tool or app you want.
  3. This in not just a quick throw it together project, it should reflect scholarly thought. Think deeply and think about the videos and resources above as well as our in class discussion.
  4. DO YOUR RESEARCH!! What are the classrooms of the future, teaching and teachers going to be like in 5 year, 10 year, etc.?
  5. Make sure you have research to back up what you are saying. Include examples, links, images, movies, everything you can. Consider this a mini-research project, that counts has part of you final exam.
  6. Keep in mind it is the current trend and schools are jumping into iPads with breakneck speeds.
  7. You may work individually or with ONE partner.
  8. "Teachers, Throw Away the Old Playbook," in which the argument is made that teachers who are teaching the traditional ways and ignoring the fact that technology has affected the way today's students learn are doing a disservice to the students and themselves. Disruption and feeling a little uncomfortable isn't a bad thing for teachers.
  9. Think about the term Tridigital Learning: A balance between past, present and future is essential as we move education forward.
  10. Think about Imagining the best learning space........We all see school the way we've always know it, How do we re-imagine it?
  11. NOTE: There are no right or wrong answers here, this should be your thinking and what you believe your classroom is going to be one day. BUT, make sure you have some facts and documentation to back up what you are saying.

Your work/project should reflect scholarly thought and writing. This needs examples and research to back up what you are saying.

TITLE for this Assignment:
Final Reflection #1: Teachers, Throw Away the Old Playbook
Final Reflection #1: Tridigital Leaning
Final Reflection #1 Re-imagine School

(This assignment is worth 75 points= Week 14 reflection 20 and in class assignment 25 = 45 and 30 points from the 100 final exam points.) Just so you know.

Note: there will a couple other items we will do in class Week 15. But this one requires some research and time to accomplish that.