Week 13
Week 13, November 16 & 16

Week 13 Reflection

A little different this week. Find 2 classroom teacher blogs, and 2 podcasts that are valuable to you as a teacher. Include some information about each, including the title, the URL and why the rest of us should read this blog or listen to this podcast. Don;t forget to include screen captures and links. Convince us!!

Title: Two Exemplary Blogs and Two Podcasts


You may bring 4 nonperishable or can goods items for the Bread Basket Food drive.This only counts if you bring them to class Week 14 (after Thanksgiving). I will have a box and list for you to sign documenting you have brought them. This is one item for each part of the reflection assignment. If you bring the four food drive items, you do NOT have to do the Week 13 Reflection. No no extensions, you must bring to class Week 14.

There will be one more Website Peer Critique in class Week 14. Everything should be completed and on your website by Week 14. Week 15 is our last class period. In class we will do a final exam reflection activity and it will be completed and and you website done before you leave class.


As I am sure you have figured out by now, Voicethread is a pretty cool tool and used at all levels and in all content areas. It is simple and produced a great product. It fits right into differentiated Instruction. But in case you are not convinced yet are are a few articles to read and include your thought about them in your final Voicethread reflection.

Ok, so what are you going to make? Think about using this powerful tool with your students.

  • 1. Your VoiceThread must have at least 10 frames.

    2. You may work individually or with a partner. It must have the voice of every member of your team.

    3. You must try all the features (video response, audio response, text)

    4. Topic/Content: I would like to leave the topic pretty open, letting your team choose what interests you. But it must relate to something or some unit you will teach, vocabulary, and How-to, it really is your choice.

    5. Post your VoiceThread on your website using the embed code. (tutorials are on the Help and Tutorial Page.

    6. Make sure it is public.

    Add a reflection about what you read in the articles and examples as well as what you think and how you believe you will use Voicethread in your own classroom.

  • 8. Don't forget to include/embed the 2 examples you found that someone else has made that support your curriculum and discuss how these could be used in your classroom.

    9. Title this assignment: Voicethred in the Classroom

    Grading information: Voicethread = 120 points, Reflection = 40 points, the 2 addition example Voicethreads= 20 points.................................for a total of 200 points

Voicethread for iPad: FREE of course!

Screen Shot 2012-06-23 at 4.44.48 PM.png
Screen Shot 2012-06-23 at 4.44.48 PM.png

iPad users: